May 5th, 2024

Tape Playback Site


Thought I'd take a little break from UCL today.

Mum found a collection of old cassette tapes of us when we were kids, making and recording songs and radio shows. I've been digitising them over the last few weeks, and today the first recorded cassette was ready to share with the family.

I suppose I could've just given them raw MP3 files, but I wanted to record each cassette as two large files — one per side — so as to not loose much of the various crackles and clatters made when the tape recorder was stopped and started. But I did want to catalogue the more interesting points in the recording, and it would've been a bit "meh" simply giving them to others as one long list of timestamps (simulating the rewind/fast-forward seeking action would've been a step too far).

Plus, simply emailing MP3 files wasn't nearly as interesting as what I did do, which was  to put together a private site where others could browse and play the recorded tapes: